Nilsson was created to provide everyone with a genuine freshly roasted coffee experience right here in Latvia. We have combined the best traditions of Scandinavian coffee production with the special tastes of different regions. That is how we have created several excellent coffee blends, clearly stating the flavor of each blend on each coffee package.

What's important to us:

  • The coffee we sell is freshly roasted and has excellent aroma;
  • As a manufacturer, we always offer greatest coffee at the really good price;
  • We are honest with our customers and mention full spectrum of information and full taste profile of coffee on each package.

Production process

The Nilsson coffee production process begins in the countries from which the coffee beans have come - Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Colombia, Costa Rica, Vietnam and other countries, to create specialty coffee blends. Ideal conditions for growing coffee are in the equatorial zone, the so-called "bean belt".

The Arabica variety grows best in relatively higher areas with abundant soil, whereas the Robusta variety is more suitable for lowland areas, even in relatively hot climates. The taste of coffee is influenced by the amount of rainfall, the amount of sun, and many other factors during its growth and harvest - these differences give each coffee its own profile of taste. That's why different types of coffee beans are blended to create a pleasing blend for our customers.

Prior to the coffee processing process, Nilsson first performs detailed research, which is repeated each time to create a new coffee blend:

  • the best green coffee beans with sophisticated taste nuances are carefully selected and tentatively identified as "flavors" of the new product - creating a pleasant aroma and so-called blend backbone as well as a pleasant bitterness and other taste nuances;
  • different types of coffee beans are roasted individually and also roasted at different levels of maturity - from very lightly roasted coffee beans to thorough French roasting;
  • blending of both green and roasted coffee beans is done by changing the ingredients or proportions of the blends, each time the entire research process is repeated -  until the desired result is achieved and an excellent product is created;
  • professional cupping is done - only this can define what the finished product really tastes like. Even the team that makes up the blends does not know which product is in the tasting cup during the tasting - this allows you to objectively determine the quality of the coffee.

These steps allow Nilsson to come up with a blend recipe that we and our customers love. Once the product in question is developed, we can start with the manufacturing process:

  • delivery and quality control of green coffee beans at the production plant;
  • blending of the coffee beans;
  • roasting and cooling of the beans;
  • quality control of finished roasts and tasting;
  • coffee grinding (if necessary);
  • packaging and delivery of products to the customer.

Nilsson manufactures roasted coffee using methods that have been known and tested for centuries. Coffee is sourced from proven partners and the roasting process is carried out in classic drum-type roasters. We make coffee using professional industrial equipment.

Thus, after a long and closely controlled production process, we are able to create an excellent product that has just been roasted, providing the best possible flavor and the highest quality!

About the company

Nilsson is a Latvian coffee company established in 2013. Over time, we have refined our coffee roasting recipes and greatly expanded our range of products and partnering models. Since 2019, we have also offered our partners the production and packaging of their own branded coffee, the "private label", as well as the ability to process and package the coffee delivered by our partners in the packaging of their choice.


Our production facility is located in a picturesque location on the edge of the Gauja National Park in Ieriń∑i, Amata district, Latvia. The basis for our production facilities can be considered the heritage of the Soviet era - the production facilities are adapted to the needs of our production site. The premises were once created as an emergency energy management center from where the power supply would be managed throughout the Baltic region in the event of a confrontation between the two Cold War superpowers. The Nilsson in its production plant, on the other hand, has been striving to maintain both the impressive interior details and to adapt the premises to the needs of a modern manufacturing company. Currently, the company's production facility is located in 500 square meters of premises where we carry out coffee storage, pre-processing, roasting, sorting, quality testing, grinding, packaging and finished product short-term storage.

Although the path to a modern and quality-focused production process is not easy, in contrast to many, the difficulties have made the Nilsson company stronger and our coffee ever tastier. Focusing on product quality, we are one of the handful of coffee manufacturers in Europe that use high-resolution cameras to ensure quality through high-precision algorithms to read the quality of each single coffee bean in  the finished product, and to make sure our coffee is free of any impurities . In addition, between 2016 and 2019, we have invested our resources in creating the highest quality coffee roasting line and fully implementing a precise and high-yielding coffee bean packaging line.