About Nilsson


Coffee company Nilsson is founded to bring our customers the special feeling of freshly roasted coffee. We have combined best Scandinavian coffee roasting traditions with our knowledge and experience in the field. This has resulted in several special coffee blends like no other. We clearly describe taste of the blend on each coffee package.

Our values:

  • We always sell freshly roasted coffee with intense natural aroma;
  • As a real producer, we always sell good coffee at a good price level;
  • We are honest and we always inform our customer what exactly will be the taste of the coffee purchased.

Contact our sales team at sales@nilsson.lv and we will make the best offer for You.

Production process

Nilsson coffee production actually starts in the countries where the coffee beans are grown and harvested. We use coffee beans from different countries as Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Columbia, Costa Rica, Vietnam and from other origins to create special coffee blends.

The ideal conditions for coffee trees to thrive are found around the world in along the Equatorial zone called “The Bean Belt”. Arabica grows best at high altitudes in rich soil, while the heartier Robusta prefers a higher temperature and can thrive on lower ground.

Coffee taste is influenced by a number of factors in growing and harvesting period as rain, sunshine and other factors. This is why every coffee type tastes differently and we make blends that consist of several coffee types to make the blend that suits our customer’s taste.

So before Nilsson starts production process huge research work is done and repeated every time when a new coffee blend is made:

  • The best green beans with special taste nuances are chosen. Even before blending we think about combination of different tastes in the new blend – we strive for perfection to make a taste with full body, right bitterness, aroma and other taste nuances;
  • Different types of beans are roasted together and also separately, roasting up to different levels – starting from a Light City Roast up to the darkest French roast;;
  • We blend green and roasted beans – when we change only one piece of the blend or even proportion of the blend we start the research process again from the beginning – so until the desired result is reached and the perfect blend is created;
  • We perform a professional cupping – this is the only way to understand the real taste of the new blend. Even the cupping team does not know which blend they are tasting until the remarks are made – so we ensure fully objective cupping session to choose the best blend.

These steps lead Nilsson to a blend recipe that we as well as our customers find good – we strive for excellence in blending. When the blend is ready, we can start the real production process:

  • The green beans are delivered to us and we perform the quality check;
  • We do the blending according to our blend recipe;
  • We roast the beans and age them for a certain period so the excess carbon dioxide is released from the product and maximum flavor is reached;
  • We check the roasted coffee and time by time perform cupping again so we know the blend is made right;
  • We produce ground coffee if requested and check the grinding quality;
  • We package the product and deliver it to our customers.

Nilsson produces the roasted coffee using traditions known and proved for centuries. We purchase the green beans only from trustable partners and we use the traditional drum roasting technology. Production of ground coffee is done using professional grinder.

Due to the controlled and traditional production process, we are able to create the perfect coffee blend that is recently grounded to ensure the best possible aroma.