The innovative combination of premium coffee beans from Central and South America and other regions offers a warm, hearty aroma that fills your home with mellow and relaxing scents. In general, Tango is a dance that is influenced by different cultures and likewise in this crafted bean blend, we have chosen coffees that harmonize with each other and produce a rich crema, powerful aroma and a taste that enhances all your senses. A delightful blend of the best coffee beans creates a pleasantly bitter and balanced medium roasted coffee. Rich and powerful coffee like the Tango dance itself.

Origin of the coffee beans:  Americas & Blend

 RoastAcidityBitternessGrind (for ground coffee) 
Medium (3) Low (2) Medium (3)             Medium (3)

Packaging available:

 Packaging200 g beans  500 g beans 1000 g beans  200 g ground  500 g ground
 Beans without packages

(coffee beans 10 kilos)

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* Tango - a passionate South American dance inspired by German, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Cuban and even African dance cultures.