A delicacy for coffee lovers grown in a truly exotic Tanzanian location on Kilimanjaro and the surrounding mountain slopes in the shade of banana trees. The taste buds will be delighted in intense, creamy, rich, clean and balanced, syrupy and lively coffee with a hint of acidity from apple juice, orange peel, and the caramel and dark chocolate notes. The unique approach to our coffee roasting process and quality assurance truly enhances the aroma of the coffee beans, making this coffee a truly valuable and special addition to our specialty coffee portfolio. 100% Arabica Coffee Beans.

Origin of the coffee beans: Tanzania

 Roast       AcidityBitternessGrind (for ground coffee) 
Medium (3) Medium (3) Low (2)             Medium (3)

Packaging available:

 Packaging200 g beans  450 g beans 900 g beans  200 g ground  450 g ground
 Beans without packages

(coffee beans 10 kilos)

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* Kilimanjaro - Volcano in Tanzania, Africa's highest mountain with glacier, likely to disappear completely by 2060.


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