Monte Verde Eco*

Coffee from the world-renowned ecosystem of Central America's natural beauty, specializing in small plantations, enables us to provide a seductive aroma along with a smooth, well-balanced coffee flavor. The perfect combination of soil, climate and altitude in our organic coffee varieties creates a more exotic- multi-faceted fruity and floral notes with a sweet cedar essence and acidity with the feel of blueberry and blackberry.

Origin of the coffee beans:  Organic beans from Americas

 RoastAcidityBitternessGrind (for ground coffee) 
Medium (3)High (4)
 Low (2)
             Medium (3)

Packaging available:

 Packaging200 g beans  500 g beans 1000 g beans  200 g ground  500 g ground
 Beans without packages

(coffee beans 10 kilos)

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* Monte Verde - Monte Verde is the oldest known human settlement in the entire American continent.


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