Desert Sun*

Our exquisitely crafted African coffee blend abundant of rustic floral and fruity flavors. The world's most distinctive flavored African coffees create a delightful intrigue from a place where the origins of humanity are found. A sophisticated blend of coffee beans with notes of roasted almonds, hazelnuts and plums, as well as a hint of roses and various spices.

Origin of the coffee beans:  Africa & Blend

 Roast       AcidityBitternessGrind (for ground coffee) 
Dark (4) Medium (3) Medium (3)             Medium (3)

Packaging available:

 Packaging200 g beans  500 g beans 1000 g beans  200 g ground  500 g ground
 Beans without packages

(coffee beans 10 kilos)

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* Desert Sun - we highlight the African hot sun, which can create not only deserts but can also produce really magnificent coffee.