Classic Professional*

Lush coffee blend with a light acidity, complex aroma and full body. Outstanding quality rich with herbal aroma hint. Aroma and texture coating ranging from sweet citrus acidity, dark cherries and tropical fruit richness in dark chocolate, to a sharper blend of cardamom and fresh tobacco mixed in. Bridging the gap between the old world and new with direct source relationships, high elevation coffees and blend of complete balance. This blend of coffee carries the rich tones of a classic roast with full and strong body with a pleasant spicy finish.

Origin of the coffee beans: Americas & Blend

 Roast       AcidityBitternessGrind (for ground coffee) 
Medium (3) Low (2) Medium (3)             Medium (3)

Packaging available:

 Packaging 500 g beans 1000 g beans  500 g ground
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*Classic Professional - for professionals and coffee lovers.