We help you to choose!

So that You don't get frustrated in our wide choice of products here you can learn all our blends (which are available in e-shop) and varieties and packaging sizes in a short overview.  

General information about the sortiment

1. Wholesale prices are applied when choosing full transport packages (boxes/cartons) as a separate items in our e-shop product catalog.
2. We currently offer 14 types of coffee, packaged according to your needs:

  •  900-1000 g beans (in a box 6-8 pieces)
  • 450-500 g beans (in a box of 10 pieces)
  • 200 g beans (in a box of 12 pieces)
  • 450-500 g ground coffee (in a box of 10 pieces)
  • 200 g ground coffee (in a box of 12 pieces)
  • Bulk coffee in plastic buckets of 10 kg (net)
The recommended shelf life at the time of delivery is at least 11 full months.
Ground coffee grind - medium (suitable for all types of brewing: cup making, coffee machines, etc.)

General information on supplies

1. For convenience, you can also place orders by tel. 28-777-722 (SMS, Whatsapp, Viber) as well as on our facebook page. After that you will receive an Advance Invoice to your email.

2. The goods are handed over to the courier service on the next business day after the payment is received in the Nilsson current account with JSC Swedbank.

3. The goods will be available for pick up at our office from the second business day after the payment is received.

4. Courier delivery in Latvia is done within 2-3 working days after receiving the payment.

5. For deliveries we cooperate with:

  • courier service - Venipak (deliveries to your address on business days 9am - 6pm, before delivery courier calls)
  • for parcel pick-up points  - Omniva

6. Payment:

  • We offer to receive and pay the invoice, which is prepared automatically from our e-shop system;
  • Make a credit card payment in our e-shop system;
  • Cash orders can only be paid at our Office;